Mind Your P’s and Q’s this Holiday Season!


Thanksgiving Day is usually one we look forward to as a time to sprawl out on the floor after we’ve eaten a big meal to play games, take a nap, or catch up on the happenings in the family.  We usually wear something casual and stretchy, and treat the day more like the weekend than the special occasion it really is.  This year, thanks to a request from my little niece who loves to wear frilly dresses, we are all going to dress up and make the occasion more formal than usual.  After all, when we thought about it, my oldest son is nearly 13 years old, and I can’t remember a single time he’s put on a jacket and a shirt and pulled out a chair for a lady at Thanksgiving.  My grandmother would not approve.  She was a stickler for good table manners.   She made sure we would sit up straight, chew our food with our mouths closed,  and taught her boys and girls on which side of the plate the fork belonged.  She didn’t have children until late in life, so her old fashioned values influenced the way we were brought up.  This year we’ve decided to reign in the casual atmosphere – no sweat pants allowed.

Finding pretty dresses for my three girls is harder than I thought it would be.  Not because I can’t find anything I like, on the contrary, I’m using Groupon and shopping the Children’s Place.  They have so many pretty party dresses, I’m having a hard time making my choice.  So, I called in the girls and let them decide.  By using a promo code, I saved $10 off kid’s shoes, 50% off dresses and 80% off clearance items.    I told my siblings about the deals they have online, and they quickly followed suit.  We coordinated our shopping so none of the girls would have the same dress.  We all loved how easy the process was.  In no time the boxes arrived and now we can’t wait until Thanksgiving Day for the big reveal.  

While I was on the site, I noticed the Children’s Place stocks plenty of items for babies, boys and girls.  They have all the shirts, sweaters, outer wear, and accessories I need to complete my shopping for other members of the family and a few special friends.  Honestly, the prices are so low, I’m going to do my shopping online in the future.  I might even get all dressed up and visit one of their stores.  After all, those Groupons are good there as well.